Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace Magazine Archive

Please note from April 2017, the format and title of the Magazine and header has been changed from "Mary of Nazareth, Mediatrix of All Grace" to "Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace" to reflect the Image and presence of the Mother of God and of St Michael, the "Custodian of Goa". Both these images in the header of this magazine and website figure prominently on the Holy grounds of Batim. We are also pleased to inform you that as of  April 2017, printed copies of the Bulletin: "Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace" will be available at the Church of St Simon and St Jude, Batim at every First Saturday or Fatima Day Prayer Service. Due to the Pandemic and our involment in the publishing of the new book 'Suffering and the Thesis of Purgatory', our online and paper magazines have been suspended till further notice.
Just Released:
'Suffering and the Thesis of PurgatoryWith Prophetic Warnings for Our World.' 

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Now available on  Amazon Books  (Check Amazon in your own country) Apple iBook  BooktopiaBarnes and NobleAbebooks |Bookdepositry and other stores..

In conformity with the directives of Pope Urban VIII, we have no intention of anticipating the judgement of the Holy Apostolic See and of the Church on Apparitions, reported by us, but not yet recognized; indeed, we submit to, and accept her final decision without reservation

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