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Book Release: Suffering and the Thesis of Purgatory  
With Prophetic Warnings for Our World 

(Click Here to read the Book in English, French, Spanish or Italian in PDF Mode)

These books are now available on  Amazon Books  (Check Amazon in your own country) Apple iBook  BooktopiaBarnes and NobleAbebooks |Bookdepositry and other stores..

Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace Magazine  Archive

Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace Video Archive

The videos displayed here are made from the messages in the Book: 'Suffering and The Thesis of Purgatory'

These videos are all closed captioned and will open in the Youtube or Rumble video platform. Futher Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary given to Iveta Ferenandes will be displayed here in video format as our Magazine format has be discontinued.

an image of hte visionary iveta fernandes expounds on the vaccine from the book

Prophetic Messages for these times revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the seer Iveta  Fernandes

​In accordance with the directives of Pope Urban VIII and the new Vatican guidelines outlined in "Norms for Proceeding in the Discernment of Alleged Supernatural Phenomena," we do not intend to pre-empt the judgment of the Holy Apostolic See and the Church regarding the apparitions reported by us. We fully submit to and accept the Church's final decision without reservation.

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