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Why do I ask for this Consecration?  How must the Consecration be lived by you?
How are you to live through these troubled times?

It is time that we realise that we are caught up in a Spiritual Warfare and that everything that occurs in this visible and physical world is directly connected to a spiritual realm that can influence everyday events and that we depend on spiritual resources to fight this battle. This is a biblical truth that will help us understand the question: Why is the Peace of the World today dependent on the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? (See Home Page)


On May 13, 1990, through Fr. Gobbi, Our Blessed Mother tells us:

‘Satan has been the uncontested dominator of the events of this century of yours, bringing all humanity to the rejection of God and of his law of love, spreading far and wide division and hatred, immorality and wickedness and legitimating everywhere divorce, abortion, obscenity, homosexuality and recourse to all means of obstructing life’.


Again to Fr. Gobbi on June 12, 1978, Our Blessed Mother reveals:

“Now that you are living through those events of which I have foretold you, what must you do, my poor children, to run for shelter?


First of all, have recourse to prayer. Pray more, pray with greater confidence, pray with humility and absolute self-abandonment. Especially, recite the holy Rosary every day. By your prayer, you prevent error from becoming even more widespread; you hold in check the action of the Evil One; you move to the counterattack and you limit, more and more, his capacity to act. And in the end, through your prayer, you are able to gain the victory: it will be God alone who will conquer, through you.


Offer up the holocaust of your suffering. The hours through which you are living are truly difficult and painful. That which is awaiting you is suffering such as the world has never known. Yet, through this holocaust, you are able to save those who are seeking your ruin, and you are able to do good to those who are, for you, a scourge. Thus, even these great nations which have openly rebelled against God and have become a veritable scourge for all humanity can, in the end, be saved."


The Book 'Suffering and The Thesis of Purgatory' given by the Blessed Virgin Mary through Iveta to us is most relevant today and gives us a roadmap for our times! This book is a storehouse of  spiritual  resources required for the 'spiritual battle' at hand.

Our Blessed Mother to Fr.Gobbi as in Fatima as well as now in  Batim to Iveta Fernandes, asks us each one of us to also consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart.


Why do I ask for this consecration? (To Fr. Gobbi, She answers)


"When a thing is consecrated, it is withdrawn from every other use, to be applied only to sacred use. That is the way it is with an object when it is destined for divine worship. But it can be so with a person too, when they are called by God to offer Him a perfect worship. You therefore understand how it is that the true act of your Consecration is that of Baptism.


With this Sacrament, instituted by Jesus, Grace is given. to you, which places you in an order of life superior to your own, that is in the supernatural order. In this way, you share in the divine nature, you enter into a communion of love with God and your actions therefore have a new value which exceeds that of your nature, because they have a true divine value. After Baptism, you are already destined for the perfect glorification of the most Holy Trinity and consecrated to live in the love of the Father, in imitation of the Son and in full communion with the Holy Spirit.


The fact which characterises the Act of Consecration is its totality: when you are consecrated, you are consecrated wholly and for always.


When I ask you for consecration to my Immaculate Heart, it is to lead you to understand that you have to entrust yourselves to me completely, in a way which is total and permanent, so that I can dispose of you according to the Will of God.


You have to entrust yourselves in a complete way, giving me everything. You must not give me something and hold something back for yourselves: you must be truly and only completely mine.


And then, you must not entrust to me one day "yes" and one day "no", or for a period of time, as long as you wish, but for always. It is in order to emphasise this important aspect of complete and lasting belonging to me, your heavenly Mother, that I ask for consecration to My Immaculate Heart"


How must the consecration be lived by you?


"If you look at the inexpressible mystery that the Church remembers today, you will understand how the consecration which I have asked of you must be lived.

The Word of the Father completely entrusted Himself to me out of love. After my "yes", He came down into my virginal womb.

He entrusted himself to Me in His divinity. The eternal Word, the second Person of the most Holy Trinity was, after the Incarnation, hidden and dwelling in the little home, miraculously prepared by the Holy Spirit, in my virginal womb.

He entrusted Himself to Me in His humanity in such a profound way, just as any son entrusts himself to the mother from whom he expects everything: blood, flesh, breath, food and love, in order to grow every day in her womb and then, after He was born, every year always at his Mother's side.

For this reason, just as I am the Mother of the Incarnation, I am also Mother of the Redemption, which has its wonderful beginning here.


And so you see me intimately associated with my Son Jesus; I co-operate with Him in His work of salvation, during His infancy, adolescence, the thirty years of His hidden life in Nazareth, His public mission, during His sorrowful passion, even to being beneath the Cross, where I offer and suffer with Him and receive the last words of love and sorrow, with which He gives me as a real Mother to the whole human race"


To Iveta Fernandes, the Visionary of Batim, Goa Our Blessed Mother on 14th October 2016 also requests this consecration from each one of us.  (Seen the video below  recorded at the time of receiving the message)


This Spiritual Battle against the forces of darkness, Satan himself, is Hers, She says. She will be the one who will crush him in the end. Our position is to stay under Her Mantle and protection and assist with prayers, sacrifices and follow Our Blessed Mother’s requests at Fatima and now reiterated at Batim.  The times of ‘The Woman Clothed with the Sun … Who will crush the head of the serpent’… will then be fulfilled and we will have an era of Peace!       

“ My beloved children, I have come down once again this day to be with you and I desire with great  desire to stay with you as you Consecrate yourselves, each one of you into My Immaculate Heart. There are many here who do not understand the Consecration to My Immaculate Heart, it is simple children simple, simply give Me your heart and tell Me to do all that God desires in you for which you were created, exchanging your will for the Divine Will and I will conform you in the Order and Grace of God and lead you to Holiness in which each one of you is called to be".

Message given through Iveta at Batim, Goa on 14th October 2016

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