Can you pledge a Rosary for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary ?

(To honour this intention, you can pray privately at home or in a Church/Prayer group)

At Batim, Our Lady has asked us to pray three thousand Hail Mary's.

"Now I come before you with great joy to thank you and to thank all My children who have continued to pray the Three Thousand Hail Mary's, this devotion to bring forth the fruit that I be proclaimed Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate by your Holy Father,today Pope Francis I, His Holiness is also in need of much prayer.” (Message of March 25th 2015)

In an earlier Message on 9th June 2014, Our Lady promises those who thus pray "will now receive the protection and the Graces that are necessary, and on the day appointed for this prayer to rise, you will receive the fruits within your own families and the Grace needed for the Holy Father , His Holiness Pope Francis I to proclaim Me as Mediatrix of All Graces. Should you continue in this manner it want be long before you see the fruit of My request coming to fulfillment."

The format of the Prayers requested by Our Lady on 12th June 2010 is as follows: PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VERSION

The following shorter version is also accepted:

If you are in a prayer cenacle you can pray on dedicated days like the First Saturday and the 13th of every month or also daily if possible. Say if 30 members are present and you say 100 Hail Mary's - you can pledge 3000 Hail Mary's (30x100=3000).

You can also meditate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and pledge these Hail Mary's for the intentions of Our Lady. Reading a scripture verse before the Rosary is of great value for spiritual growth.

Remember to please add One - Our Father..One Hail Mary/Holy Mary.. One Glory Be.. Amen - for the Holy Father

Thank you for joining us and may God through His Blessed Mother - "Mediatrix Of All Graces , Co – Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven for us as our Holy Mother" -  bless us  all abundantly. Amen

Please email us your PRAYER REQUESTS. These PRAYER REQUESTS will be placed at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima in the the Church of Sts Simon & Jude and offered during the First Saturday Mass.

In conformity with the directives of Pope Urban VIII, we have no intention of anticipating the judgement of the Holy Apostolic See and of the Church on Apparitions, reported by us, but not yet recognized; indeed, we submit to, and accept; her final decision without reservation

Prayer Requests

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Church of St Simon and St Jude, Ganxim, under Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe) Parish, 
Batim, Tiswadi, Goa Velha, Goa 403 108 India.



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