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On Feb 3rd, 2012 Our Lady discloses the following message to Iveta: " is My desire as the Mother of God and Mediatrix of all Graces to come before you in the land of your ancestors on the Holy Mountain of Mt. Batim...I will make My Presentation, My Visitation on this Mountain at the hour of Divine Mercy. There I will entrust to the world My request…”


At the appointed time in Batim on the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord at Batim, Ganxim Goa, India on 25th March 2012 at the Hour of Divine Mercy, 3 pm, Our Lady appears to Iveta.


Our Lady speaks:

“My beloved children, I come down from heaven this day to your World, to Earth to bring before you the desire of God. The Most Holy Trinity desires that I be proclaimed as Mediatrix Of All Graces by My beloved Chosen Son, The Bishop of Rome, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. God has found favour with you, the gentiles and desires with great desire that it go forth from this Holy Mountain. It is I your Heavenly Mother. I thank you for responding to My request to come before Me on this Holy Mountain........"


Proclaiming Our Beloved Mother as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces and Advocate is a paramount desire of Our Lady that has a common thread throughout Iveta’s book.


"I desire that you pray the Rosary united with the chaplet of Divine Mercy each day for the intentions of My Immaculate Heart, that the Bishop of Rome His Holiness, your Holy Father Peter the Rock, the Pope of My Jesus, Pope Benedict the XVI proclaim me as Mediatrix of all Graces. On that day, the gates of Heaven will open to release the Grace that is awaiting with the promise to fulfill the promise of this Medal" Our lady was referring to the Mediatrix of all Graces Medal that was blessed and released at the appointed time in Batim. (The explanation of the medal and its significance is mentioned in the website and in the Book)


The following are the privileges of the medal before proclamation:


“Rejoice little ones of mine for today, before I Am proclaimed the Mediatrix of all Graces, to those who will wear this Medal after it is blessed by a Priest My beloved chosen son, a Catholic Priest will receive this privilege before time like in Cana, the privilege of conversion, the privilege of praying for those in need of conversion and the promise of the heavenly host of the army of God, Michael the Prince to entrust your soul in the last hours of agony safely to God. Amen.”


Our Lady came to Fatima a hundred years ago to warn us about the errors of atheism and materialism spreading across the world and Our Blessed Mother came with a solution of the devotion of reparation on the First Saturday of five consecutive months and solemn request for Consecration of the World and Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.


Undoubtedly, She is is Our Advocate -as when we Hail her in the Hail Holy Queen Prayer. Throughout the Christian era and more so revealed in these hundred years since the Fatima Apparition she has also proved Herself to be Our Mediator, bringing us to Her Beloved Son Jesus. She also bears testimony to being our Co-Redeemer with Christ - Our Redeemer - "as she uniquely cooperated with Jesus and was entirely subordinate to and dependent upon Jesus, in the historic work of Redemption" 


It is our Christian responsibility and obligation precisely to participate in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. This is why Pope John Paul II called all Christians to become “co-redeemers in Christ.”


Every time you pray for someone to come to Christ; every time you evangelize Christ by word or example; every time you pray for a family member in faith during a time of crisis; every time you pray for the terminally ill who will die this day to accept their Redeemer during their last hour—in all these prayers and works of Christian intercession, you are cooperating in the Redemption of another human being. You are participating in the application of the saving work of Jesus Christ in buying back members of the human family from Satan and sin.


“Crucified spiritually with her crucified Son …. Mary’s role as Co-redemptrix did not cease with the glorification of her Son.” Pope John Paul II (Jan. 31, 1985)


“Mary is our Co-redemptrix with Jesus. She gave Jesus his body and suffered with him at the foot of the cross.” Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, (August 14, 1984)


Are we ready for a 5th Dogma: Mary as “ Co-redemptrix, Mediator and Advocate” ?  The Batim Message does make it clear that it is Our Lady’s most ardent desire. This is what Iveta had to say in her own personal words, see Pg.81 in her Book: “We are called gentiles, were are not Jews the Chosen race and God desires from this Mountain, this last and final Dogma will be proclaimed in the understanding that we beg and pray to God that the Holy Father will have the courage to do so.”


Let us sincerely pray for Our Lady’s intentions and also for Pope Francis !

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